Haino Teko Germany Gaming Buds-1

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Haino teko game buds-1 gaming wireless earbuds

Haino Teko GERMANY Turn on / Turn off Opercase / C .

COVO OT Play / Stop Click any side once Last Track Click

the three times Call Siri CHICK only side twice Answer / Hang up

Click ony side once Next Track Click the right three times GAME

BUDS – 1

The Charging compartment con proces up to 243 Citirous

Pronomet tre demand for one day Ultra – low latency Touch control

Simple toernology with loouch controlins -Iad of button Avoid

the pressure on the eura.couch control color 40-60 mlioconta utra – low

launcy that thoruman  body correlact srecaryone can be

corrected to vie .  hile phone Master – slave switch ego wiarnight with burn

on DO Elegant design Comoros WOLF O HD volce –

Momonyo Model Game buds – 1 Music time : 4 hours Wearing

method : In – ear Talk time : 3 hours Bluetooth version : V5.0

time  Headphone battery capacity: About 1 hour: 50 mAh

Distance: 10m Charging box battery capacity: 400mAh

Charging : Type – C Follo ABD OMO Frase um output below 2kpl

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