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GM12 Light and shadow, RGB gaming keyboard and mouse set,

USB connection, 6D keys, 9 RGB lighting effects, designed for games,

ergonomic design, fast response, EN / RU optional.

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1. Keyboard: imitation mechanical keyboard. Material: ABS + liquid silicone.

2. Connection method: wired USB, PVC wire, length 1.5m.

3. Sizes: 465*180*40mm. Weight: about 700g.

4. Keys: 104 keys + 3 independent multimedia + 1 knob. Laser-engraved transparent character keycaps, with a service life of about 8 million times.

5. Lighting: 9 kinds of RGB lighting effects.

6. Mouse. Material: ABS+ braid, 1.5m cable length.

7. Sizes: 125*80*41mm. Weight: 110g.

8. Service life: about 3 million times, 6D keys.

9. DPI: 1200 / 1800 / 2400 / 3600.

10. Light: LED colorful breathing light.

11. Applicable for PC, for PS4, etc.

12. Compatible with most mainstream systems.

13. Specially designed for games, ergonomic design, fast response and no delay, super cool experience.

14. English/Russian version is optional (support other language customization).

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