Western Digital WD Blue 3D NAND SSD Solid State Drive 500-GB

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  • Digital Storage Capacity:- 500 GB
  • Compatible Devices:- Computers, Laptop, PlayStation
  • Hard Disk Form Factor:- 2.5 Inches

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Brand: WD

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The Western Digital Blue 3D is a solid-state drive in the 2.5" form factor, launched on May 29th, 2017. It is available in capacities ranging from 250 GB to 4 TB. This page reports specifications for the 500 GB variant. With the rest of the system, the Western Digital Blue 3D interfaces using a SATA 6 Gbps connection. The SSD controller is the 88SS1074 Dean from Marvell, a DRAM cache chip is available. Western Digital has installed 64-layer TLC NAND flash on the Blue 3D, the flash chips are made by Toshiba. To improve write speeds, a pseudo-SLC cache is used, so bursts of incoming writes are soaked up more quickly. The Blue 3D is rated for sequential read speeds of up to 560 MB/s and 530 MB/s write; random IOPS reach up to 95K for reads and 84K for writes.

At its launch, the SSD was priced at 150 USD. The warranty length is set to five years, which is an excellent warranty period. Western Digital guarantees an endurance rating of 200 TBW, a relatively low value compared to other SSDs.

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