Acefast D8 Headrest Car Mount Holder

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Product name: ACEFAST D8 headrest car holder.

Place of mount: In-car headrest.

Material: Plastic, silicone, metal alloy.

Back clip size: 165x37x67mm.

Clamp inner width: 135-230mm (min./max.).

Headrest mount size: 214x106x31mm.

Product size: 214x130x67mm.

Weight: About 250g.

Compatibility: For most mobile phones, tablets, game consoles and other devices 4.7 inches -12.9 inches (width 135-230mm, thickness <18mm).

Feature 1: Hidden folding arms to protect the safety of passengers during driving.

Feature 2: Tight-locking headrest holder, lock position can be adjusted according to the width of the headrest.

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