HOCO Car Charger DZ3 With Type-C Cable

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Brand HOCO

1. Material: ABS+PC flame retardant material

2. Output: USB1/2:5V-2.4a; Total output: 5V-2.4a

3. Transparent ABS material enables intuitive internal struct

4. Type-C With Cable 

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Hoco DZ3 Car Charger Set 2USB 2.4A !!

Car charger set 2 USB Output 2.4A with charging cable

There is a short circuit protection system. with a smart chip to control the lighting system

The material is transparent plastic, you can see the circuit board inside.

compact size

Product specifications:

two USB ports

a transparent charging head

There is a technology to prevent short circuits

charging technology Quick

Over-voltage protection

Long service life

Total Output: 2.4A

Input: DC 12 ~ 24V

Output: USB 1/2

DC 5V: 2.4A Max

2USB Output

Dual USB Fast Charging Included

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