Meetion CP5050 RGB Gaming Cooling Pad 19

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Model: CP5050

Color: Black

Operable angle: 6.5-45 degree

Dimension: 400*288*36mm

Power: 5W

Weight: 1150±5g

Voltage and current: 5V-≤1000mA

Interface: USB*2

Compatibility: 9-19” laptops

Cable length: 60±2cm

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CP5050 gaming cooling pad, specially designed for notebook computers, with fast cooling speed and low noise, the cooling pad has RGB backlight design, which perfectly matches your notebook computer and related electronic equipment, highlights the atmosphere, puts you in a colorful world, provides Immersive user experience. The upper cover of the heat dissipation pad is designed with aluminum alloy material, which can effectively reduce the heat of the computer, say goodbye to the freeze due to overheating in the game, and make the game process smoother. You can also manually adjust the speed of the fan. The bottom of the cooling pad is designed with a foot rest, so that the computer will not slide down easily. The height of the cooling pad can be adjusted according to your own habits. There are four levels of height adjustment. USB power supply, plug and play, no need to drive. Suitable for 9-19 inch laptops.

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