Meetion MT-MC13 Gaming Microphone

QR 85

  • Electric current: 120MA
  • Dimension: 295*91*75mm
  • Type: Capacitive

SKU: NPQ00520

Category: Gaming Accessories

Brand: Meetion

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QR 85

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MC13 gaming microphone, the best partner of computer games, 360 -degree rotating metal hose design, which is convenient and practical. The sound can be picked up around the core of high sensitivity. In addition, the sound can be clearly transmitted without near the microphone. Built -in high -performance game -grade chips, the sound is not delayed, stuck, it is not unsatisfactory, and it is convenient and fast at one click. RGB glowing base makes your desktop more cool. Suitable for a variety of scenarios, online games, video conferences, voice chat, live broadcast, karaoke, recording, online lectures, speeches, etc.

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