Meetion MT-MC15 Gaming Microphone

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Model: MT-MC15

Drive unit: φ6mm*5mm

Sensitivity Range: f=1kHz, Pin=1Pa  -38±3dB Omnidirectional

Impedance: 2.2KΩ  

Frequency: 50Hz-10000Hz  

Interface: USB  

Cable length: 2.20±0.02m  

Type: Capacitive  

Voltage: 5V  

Electric current: 120MA  

Color: Black

Dimension: 295*91*75mm

Weight: 145±5g

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MC15 gaming microphone, the best partner for computer games, 360-degree rotatable metal hose design, convenient and practical, the sound can be picked up by the high-sensitivity core. In addition, the sound is transmitted clearly without being close to the microphone. Built-in high-performance game-level chip, the sound is not delayed, not stuck, not distorted, and the volume can be quickly adjusted. The RGB illuminated base makes your desktop look cool. Applicable to a variety of scenarios, online games, video conferences, voice chat, live broadcast, karaoke, recording, online lectures, speeches, etc.

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