Meetion gaming chair chr15 mt-chr15 black , red

QR 635

  • Dimension: 124*66*49cm
  • Weight: 17.0kg
  • Color: BK+Orange\BK+Blue\BK+Green

SKU: NPQ00527

Category: Gaming Accessories

Brand: Meetion

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QR 635

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CHR15 gaming chair is a professional gaming chair, which can also be used in offices and homes, referred to as gaming chair. The design is modified from European racing seats, with a cool shape and full of competitive colors! The design of the gaming chair is ergonomic, with headrest and lumbar pillow, stylish appearance design, the angle can be adjusted according to the sitting posture, the gaming chair can be tilted back 180 degrees, and can be freely adjusted according to different scenes. Press the handle to change the angle, comfortable and pleasant. Humanized operation and experience. Since some games require the user to put in a lot of energy and stay seated for a long time, a gaming chair can guarantee the user's comfort. Available in 7 colors.

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