Green Lion Major 60000 mAh Power Bank PD20W USB22.5W

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Portable Rope

Premium Material

LED Display

Unique Design

7-Outputs & 2-Inputs

60000mAh Battery Capacity

Universal Compatibility

Input 1: Type-C1 PD DC 5V/2.4A & 9V/2A & 12V/1.5A
Input 2: Type-C2 GC DC 5V/2A & 9V/2A & 12V/1.54
Output 1: USB1 DC 4.5V/5A S. 5V/4.54 & 5V/3A & 9V/2A & 12V/1.54 (22.5W Max)
Output 2: Type-C1 PD DC 5V/3A & 9V/2.224 & 12V/1.67A (PD2OW Max) 
Output 3: 5x USB DC 5V/3A

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Being prepared for travel includes having a power source. A power bank may help you in a number of situations. For instance, while on a mountain hike or when you spend the entire day outside of the city. In order to provide you with enough support for the days you will be spending outside, it is essential to have a source of electricity. The Green Lion Major 60,000mAh Power Bank can meet all your charging needs to give an easy and fulfilled outing experience with all your devices juiced up. 

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