Green Lion G730 Wireless Mouse

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  • 400mAh Battery Capacity
  • 10M Up to Operating Range USB Nano Receiver
  • 400mAh Battery Capacity

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Category: Computer Accessories

Brand: Green Lion

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Green Lion G730 Wireless Mouse is a rechargeable Bluetooth 5.0 compatible device with USB Nano receiver that has up to 10meters operating range gives you the chance to work remotely and freely. With The satisfying battery capacity of 400mAh and resolution of 1200 DPI, G730 Wireless Mouse provides a balance between functionality, sensitivity, and portability. The ABS material used in this mouse design makes it feather-weighted, durable, and suitable for various everyday tasks. Thanks to black and white color choice available for this model you have the possibility to match this mouse with your computer or laptop.

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