Eufy Anker P2 Smart Body Scale with Bluetooth

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  • Connectivity : Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Product Size : 280 x 280 x 26 mm
  • Product Weight : 1.7 kg

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Brand: ANKER

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Product details:

- INSIGHTFUL MEASUREMENTS: Get 15 detailed readings of your body including body weight, body Fat, BMI, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass and more. The ultra-sensitive surface of Smart Scale can detect subtle changes in your body weight accurately to 50g (0.1 lbs).

- 3D VIRTUAL MODEL: Watch your body's progress throughout your fitness journey with a virtual, 3D model, featuring you. Enable this mode so your avatar will match proportions and measurements that you input, such as height, waist, arms, and more to give you a detailed visual of your changes.

- THIRD-PARTY APP SYNCING: Connect to the EufyLife App using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and easily upload data. You can also sync EufyLife with Apple Health, Google Fit, or Fitbit to keep your progress all in one place.

- FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Add unlimited users to the app and track everyone's personal fitness journey. With Baby mode or Pet mode, you can monitor the healthy, everyday growth of your baby or pet.

- THOUGHTFUL AND RELIABLE: An IPX5 waterproof rating protects your Smart Scale from splashes of water, and the anti-slip finish with sleek rounded corners ensures you don’t slip or bump your feet into sharp corners.

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