Green Lion Smart Body Scale

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  • Bluetooth Wireless Data Transmission
  • Interactive iOS & Android App
  • 5mm Tempered Glass

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Bluetooth connectivity: Syncs with your smartphone or tablet to track your progress over time.

13 body composition measurements: Tracks your weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, visceral fat, protein, body age, and more.

Tare function: Weigh multiple items at once by setting the scale to 0 before weighing each item.

Auto-on/off: The scale turns on automatically when you step on it and turns off after a few seconds to save battery life.

Low battery indicator: Alerts you when the batteries are low so you can replace them.

BMI calculation: This helps you track your BMI and see if you are at a healthy weight.

Body score: This gives you a score based on your overall health metrics, so you can see how you are doing overall.

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