Baseus Bipow Pro power bank 10000mAh 22.5W + USB cable

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Brand: Baseus

Battery Type: Lithium Polymer

Battery capacity: 10000mAh

Total power: 22.5W

Input current: 5V/3A; 9V/2A

Output current (USB-A): 4.5V/5A; 5V/4.5A; 5V/3A; 9V/2A; 12V/1.5A

Output current (USB-C): 5V/3A; 9V/2.22A; 12V/1.5A

Dimensions: 132 x 62 x 19.6mm

Weight: about 200g

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Baseus Bipow Pro Power Bank 10000mAh 22.5W black with USB Type A - USB Type C 3A 0.3m cable

The powerbank of the well-known and respected Baseus brand will surely save you in many situations! Thanks to it, you will never have to worry about a discharged battery of your phone or tablet at the least expected moment. You will usually have access to an additional, independent power source, which will allow you to charge your equipment in the office, on the road or outdoors . The Baseus power bank has everything you need to feel comfortable - fast charging function, convenient magnetic fit, low energy consumption. Be sure to take a closer look at it!

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