Green Lion Hand Massager

QR 219

  • Built-In Air Bag & Powerful Motors
  • Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
  • Charging Time: 3Hour

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Brand: Green Lion

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QR 219

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Introducing the Green Lion Hand Massager, a real example of modern engineering for wellbeing. This carefully crafted device promises a life-changing massage experience with two built-in airbags and strong motors. It is intended to meet all aspects of your comfort and has three adjustable air pressure levels as well as the healing advantage of hand vibration. With a standard output of DC 5V-2A and a quick charging time of just 3 hours, it is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries and delivers a working life of 1.5 hours on each charge. Because it is portable and made for people who are constantly on the go, relaxing is possible everywhere. Furthermore, with a time setting of 10 minutes, it guarantees maximum relaxation without going overboard. Allow the Green Lion Hand Massager to refresh your hands while adding a little pleasure to your everyday activities.

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