DJI Osmo Mobile SE Gimbal Stabilizer

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  • Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer
  • ActiveTrack 5.0, Follow, and Sport Modes
  • Up to 10.2 oz Load Capacity

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Brand: DJI

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Stabilized On-the-Go Content Creation

With a more compact form factor and longer runtime than its predecessor, the DJI Osmo Mobile SE Smartphone Gimbal stabilizer improves stability and allows you to take creative movement in your content to the next level. Improved Bluetooth 5.1 communication connects with the DJI Mimo app for expanded shooting modes and functions. The SE also includes the OM Magnetic Phone Clamp 3, which allows the rig to accommodate smartphones 3.3" wide. In total, the gimbal can accept loads up to 10.2 oz. Included with the gimbal are a grip tripod, power cable, and storage pouch for taking the gimbal on the go.

Timelapse, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse

Set your gimbal down on a flat surface using the grip tripod and create a timelapse of your view of choice.

Preset a gimbal path during your timelapse for subtle, dynamic movement using Motionlapse.

Condense motion into a fast paced, stabilized shot using Hyperlapse

Templates embedded in the DJI Mimo app allow you to create compilation videos out of highlighted clips

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