Porodo Multi-Port Super Hub 2 USB-C / 4 USB-A Universal AC Sockets

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  • 2 boasts two USB-C
  • In addition to USB ports
  • 4 USB-A Universal AC Sockets

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Porodo Multi-Port Super Hub 2 USB-C / 4 USB-A Universal AC Sockets

Multiple Ports: This Porodo Multi-Port Super Hub 2 boasts two USB-C ports and four USB-A ports, providing ample connectivity options for charging various devices simultaneously.

Universal AC Sockets: In addition to USB ports, the hub also features universal AC sockets, allowing you to power standard electrical devices such as laptops, lamps, or appliances.

High-Speed Charging: With its USB-C ports, the hub supports fast charging protocols, delivering rapid power to compatible devices for quick and efficient charging.

Compact and Portable: Despite its multiple functionalities, the hub is designed to be compact and portable, making it ideal for travel or use in limited spaces.

Smart Charging: The Porodo Multi-Port Super Hub 2 may incorporate smart charging technology to automatically detect the optimal charging requirements of connected devices, ensuring safe and efficient power delivery.

Overload Protection: Built-in overload protection mechanisms safeguard your devices against power surges or overheating, providing peace of mind during charging sessions.

Sleek Design: Porodo Multi-Port Super Hub 2 Its sleek and modern design adds a touch of style to any workspace or environment, while its sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity.

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