Acefast Z1 Charging Adapter 2300W + PD75W GaN

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  • 2300W + PD75W GaN travel adapter.
  • 2300W at 230V or 1100W at 110V socket power.
  • Five fast ports [3xUSB-C + 2xUSB-A].

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Product name: ACEFAST Z1 PD75W GaN charging adapter.

Input: AC110V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 1.8A, EU / UK / US / AU plugs.

Material: Flame-retardant PC.

Sizes: 82.9*54.7*52.6mm.

Weight: 227g.

Certification: CE, ROHS, FCC, UKCA.

Feature 1: The combination of charging socket + fast charging ports, powerful, more versatile, easy to carry.

Feature 2: EU / UK / US / AU standard multi-specification conversion plugs, only one plug can be launched at a time to ensure safe use.

Feature 3: The GaN technology is used to improve the overall energy and efficiency. Smaller size and lower temperature charging.

Feature 4: Suitable for fast charging of devices such as phones / tablets / laptops / game consoles, etc.

Feature 5:Multiple safety protection.

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