Hoco CA24 Car Mount Dashboard Magnetic Holder

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Brand HOCO CA24

Material: PC+silicone+magnet

Size: 70*53*44mm

Large square magnetic surface, with firmer attraction

Applicable to console, compact, not taking much space

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Car mount

Equipped with a sticker which can be firmly stuck, bringing you a better experience

Powerful magnets, safe and firm

Built-in big magnet can draw your phone tightly even driving, suddenly braking on deceleration strip and bumped road

Constant magnetic field, it does not affect the phone signal

Adjustable rotation

Easy to move the mobile phone and adjust the suitable navigation angle for drivers

 High-quality material

Made of silicone, PU leather materials with exquisite workmanship, durable quality


Compact and portable

Reasonable design of air outlet position which does not block the traffic line of sight, safe to drive

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