Acefast D5 Car Mount Holder With AC

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Product name: ACEFAST D5 multifunctional in-car holder.

Place of mount: Dashboard, air vent, windshield.

Material: Plastic, silicone, metal alloy.

Back clip size: 110x68.5x52.5mm.

Clamp inner width: 55-96mm (min./max.).

Dashboard base size: 167x72.5x40mm.

Air vent clip size: 94x45x37mm.

Weight: About 190g.

Feature 1: New long-arm lock clip firmly locks the air vent blades.

Feature 2: Horizontal and vertical adjustment.

Feature 3: Does not block the line of sight.

Available Options


With two bases – for center console and air vent.

For 4.5 – 6.7 inches mobile devices.

Does not block the line of sight.

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