HOCO W39 Cat Ear Wireless Headphones For Kids

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  • BT v5.3. Chip: JL 6925F.
  • Battery capacity: 400mAh,
  • Sizes: 194*173*74mm. Weight: 184g.

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Category: Mobile Accessories

Brand: HOCO

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In the official online store "TGT. Everything for a laptop, phone, tablet" you can order a Bluetooth headset HOCO W39 Cat Ear Kids BT5.3, AUX / MicroUSB, consignment note, LED, "ears" (lilac), article 0L-00057087 in Minsk and with delivery in Belarus is profitable, at a price of 100 BYN.

The product is original, manufactured by Hoco and is fully compatible with the indicated models of the brand.

The Bluetooth headset HOCO W39 Cat Ear Kids BT5.3, AUX/MicroUSB, consignment note, LED, "ears" (lilac) has a

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