Porodo 6 AC 2 USB-A 24W and 4 USB-C PD 36W Multi-Port Super Hub 2M 3000W

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Rated Current: 10A Max

Rated Power: 2500W Max

Voltage: 100V-250V

USB-A Outputs: DC 5V / 3A Max

USB-C Output: DC 5V / 3A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A 18W Max

Total DC Output: 33W

Material: Fire-retardant ABS

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Porodo 6 Ac 2 USB-A and 4 USB-C Pd 36W Multi-port Socket 3M 3000W

The Porodo Multi-Port Super Hub was uniquely designed to fulfill everyone's needs and expectations. The multiport super hub is great for charging several devices.

Additionally, it features six AC outlets that can each supply up to 3000W to six different devices at once. With 36W and 24W power delivery, respectively, the super hub offers two sets of USB-A ports and four sets of USB-C ports.

An organized and tranquil work environment is provided by the Porodo multi-port super hub. There is no longer a need for several USB or wall chargers. The 6 AC outlets and 6 USB ports are sufficient to meet all of your charging needs.

Decide on a time and be energy efficient. There are numerous electronic devices in every house and workplace, but not all of them need to be on all the time. For instance, you may set a timer to switch off a coffee maker when it is no longer needed because it may not be used continually throughout the day.

The built-in switch has the advantage of protecting your devices from overload. The overload switch is designed to turn on when the power surpasses 3000W. With 6 AC outlets, the Porodo Super Hub features a stylish appearance. This device is compatible with plugs from more than 150 various countries.

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