Baseus Bowie E3 True Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

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  • Material ABS + PC
  • Bluetooth version V5.0
  • Signal range 10 m

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TWS Baseus Bowie E3 Earphones

Immerse yourself in the world of music with E3 headphones from Baseus! The 13 mm diaphragm offers high-quality sound, rich in bass tones. The E3's 10-min charge provides about 2 hours of use, and the ≤0.06 sec delay increases the dynamic range during gameplay. Bluetooth 5.0 improves transmission rate and stability. In addition, the accessory is available in 2 color options: black and white, so that everyone can choose something for themselves. 

The sound quality you deserve

What makes the Bowie E3s reproduce sound so well? They are equipped with a 13 mm composite diaphragm that provides a well-balanced triple frequency and crystal clear sound. Thanks to that, you will rediscover your favourite tracks.

Low latency

With e-sports enthusiasts in mind, the accessory is equipped with a low-latency mode that is ≤0.06 seconds. As a result, the game becomes more dynamic and you can react faster than your opponent!

Flash Charge Technology

The headphones use Flash Charge technology, which means that it only takes 45 minutes for the E3 battery to be fully charged. The accessory also stands out for its long battery life. The E3 can run up to 5 hours on a single charge, and the charging case offers about 25 hours of playback.

More possibilities with app

Download the Baseus app and gain access to useful features. The app displays when the headphones have been disconnected from your device and tells you their location. You can also check the battery level in real time, customize their performance, or rename them.

Convenient operation

Operating the headphones is extremely easy and convenient. The E3 will start playing music automatically when you put on the accessory. You can use the touchpads to pause or resume playback, answer calls, adjust the volume, launch the voice assistant (Siri), etc. No more reaching for your phone to skip a song, just touch the earbud.

Comfort and freedom of use

The E3's lightweight design provides comfort for hours of use. Each headphone weighs 4g, additional comfort is provided by the ergonomic shape of the accessory. In addition, they are IP64 water resistant, so you don't have to worry about damaging them and use them during intense workouts or rain.

In the box


Charging case

USB to USB-C charging cable

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