Baseus S06 2 Port USB Car Charger FM Transmitter

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  • Integrated HD microphone
  • Bluetooth version: 4.2
  • Memory Support: up to 32 GB

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The latest version of the Bluetooth transmitter S-06 Bluetooth from Baseus is used to transmit sounds from mobile devices equipped with Bluetooth technology to the speakers of the car using the built-in radio - using radio waves.

Thanks to this solution, even an old car radio (without bluetooth, mp3 or AUX - even cassettes) can function as a modern music player or serve as a speakerphone while driving.

What sets this set apart from others is the traditional cigarette lighter socket. It can transmit power up to 100 W.

Another advantage is the ability to play music from a USB flash drive. This model is also equipped with an LED display and a potentiometer with an integrated multi-function button. The addition of these elements made it possible to completely eliminate the need to install another application on the phone, since all the elements needed to control the transmitter are located on its panel.

The LED display is used to set the frequency and monitor the battery charge status. It works on the basis of bluetooth 4.2 technology and digital noise reduction algorithms, thanks to which the transmitted sound is of the highest quality. Thanks to this transmitter, you will be able to listen to music wirelessly on your phone and from applications such as OpenFM, Spotify, YouTube.

The device has been designed to fit most versions of cigarette lighter sockets.

The charger is equipped with two efficient USB ports - 3.4 A. An advanced energy management system ensures optimal charging current, which ensures stable and safe operation and eliminates the risk of damage to the device being charged. The modern design of the device fits into any interior.

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