Green Lion Eye Massager 1200mAh

QR 210

  • Vibration Massage
  • 80 Minutes Working
  • Built-in Battery

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Brand: Green Lion

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With the attractive Green Lion Eye Massager, enter a realm of pure joy and relaxation. Relax and enjoy a spa-like visual experience that has been specially developed to calm and refresh your eyes. As Heat Compression gently envelops your tired eyes, melting away stress and restoring your senses, feel the comforting temperature it provides. The Air Pressure gently encompasses the contours of your eyes, relieving stress and no more puffiness.

With the Music Therapy feature, you are able to use Bluetooth to sync your favorite songs for an interesting moment. Your eyes are gently massaged by the vibrations that bring you peace. Choose from a selection of wonderful modes, including Eye Beauty, Eye Care Mode, Eye Loving Mode delightful treat, and Warm Eye Mode for total comfort, to find your favorite mode. By adjusting the massage intensity in the Press Mode, you may create a really unique paradise.

Enjoy silent rest whenever and wherever you want with an amazing 80 minutes of relaxing pleasure on a single charge. Take use of the built-in battery's independence and the one-key operation's seamless simplicity to explore the world of tranquility. The Green Lion Eye Massager will improve your eye care routine and allows you feel the comfort.

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