IMOU Bullet 2 4MP - Outdoor Bullet Camera, Super HD 2K

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  • 2 Way Audio
  • Human Detection
  • Special feature Night Vision

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Brand: IMOU

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Below you will find the product specifications and the manual specifications of the Imou Bullet 2 4MP.

The Imou Bullet 2 4MP is an IP security camera designed for outdoor use. It offers both wired and wireless connectivity options, providing flexibility in installation. The camera does not have a built-in HDD, but it does support memory card storage with a compatible MicroSD (TransFlash) card, up to a maximum size of 256GB.

Featuring a total of 4 megapixels, the Imou Bullet 2 4MP is capable of capturing high-resolution video footage. It utilizes video compression formats such as H.264 and H.265, optimizing the storage and transmission of video data.

With an International Protection (IP) code of IP67, this camera is well-protected against dust and water ingress, ensuring its durability and reliability even in challenging environmental conditions. It is also equipped with weatherproof features, offering enhanced protection against the elements.

The Imou Bullet 2 4MP has a bullet form factor, making it suitable for mounting on either the ceiling or wall. Its design and construction are tailored to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. This camera offers a secure and effective solution for monitoring and recording surveillance footage.

Please note that this information is based solely on the provided specifications and does not include any subjective opinions or conclusions about the product's performance or quality.

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